Cloud & Virtualization

Today, most enterprises are considering how to leverage the cloud to support growth, provide test infrastructure for applications development and to support general on demand, elastic support requirements.  You have probably already researched the private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions that are available to you.

However, the one thing you may not have considered yet is just how big and challenging this cloud project will prove to be.   

As you work through various implementation scenarios and evaluate the benefits that cloud will deliver to your business, it’s likely that you still have a range of issues to resolve – issues that are totally unique to your business.

Here are some of the most common issues organizations must consider when planning their route towards the cloud:


Choosing the right provider and risk profile will be a critical factor in determining the success of your cloud strategy.  When choosing between partners for your private, public, and hybrid Cloud solutions, you need to consider how well each vendor fits with your business strategy.


Altitude Unlimited provides a variety of Cloud Solutions as well as consulting services if you choose the cloud solution path with large, multi-national vendors such as Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft.





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