Datacenter & Systems

Generalized, pre-packaged solutions often are not in the best interest of the client – rather, customized IT solutions must make sense for your business today and tomorrow to support custom applications, diverse CRM or ERP requirements, varied hardware platforms and a combination of locations including HQ, remote office and co-locations.


Rapidly Changing Technologies

Few things in this world change faster than IT and it can be a challenge to remain fully up to date regarding the latest in industry-standard products and practices. Our engineering team is continuously learning and training on the latest IT industry techniques and platforms for network design, security, virtualization, system, storage, compute and mobility.


Clearly Defined Project Processes

IT project management can be complex and ruin even the best core technology rollouts. Most companies cannot accept unplanned downtime and projects that miss deployment dates by weeks or even months. Our IT-specific project managers have years of experience managing complex programs from large-scale network and systems migrations to multi-country network security upgrades to multi-site data center consolidations and relocations. Our approach is proven and steers towards over-communications and accountability at all project levels.


Custom IT Solutions & Programs

Since generalized, pre-packaged solutions are not in the best interest of the client, the Altitude Unlimited team is resolved to develop customized IT solutions that make sense for your business today and tomorrow. Whether you need to expand your network to enable growth or are hampered by outdated hardware or design inefficiencies, Altitude Unlimited will find the most cost-effective support solution for your organization.

We pride ourselves on being fully up to date regarding the latest in industry-standard products and practices. We will leverage our reseller partnerships to provide you with a wide variety of equipment choices, reasonable prices and technology that works.

Altitude Unlimited practices professional IT project management – We take the time to plan and structure our larger-scale projects, whether related to office relocations, networking or server migrations. We understand the importance of a well thought out project, and how to maximize efficiency in the process.


Innovative Problem Solving

Making smart decisions, especially in crisis situations, is what separates the pros from the amateurs. The Altitude Unlimited team’s years of experience in emergency recovery gives us the confidence to confront complex problems head-on and develop creative, workable solutions to overcome critical situations.






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