Visa detected an advanced and unique E-skimming JavaScript based malware kit that is able to steal payment card data from ecommerce sites and uses anti-detection techniques to hide from security scanners.


  • Payment Card Company Visa's Payment Fraud Disruption (PFD) has issued a warning about E-commerce skimmer called Baka.

  • Baka skimmer was first found in February 2020, but recently Visa researchers found seven command-and-control servers hosting Baka skimming kit. It is stealing credit card information from check-out pages on several e-commerce websites across multiple global regions.

  • Like other e-commerce skimming kits, Baka also consists of an admin panel, skimming script generator, and an exfiltration gateway.

  • This skimmer can steal personal information such as name, date of birth, location and address. It can also steal user account numbers and account login credentials, as well as administrative credentials.

  • Cyber-criminal groups can also use stolen data and can sell them on the dark web.