Cookie Monster


Talk of the Cookie monster and the image that instantly pops in our head is that of the lovable Sesame Street Muppet who is eternally hungry and devours just about anything. But, the Cookie monster we are talking about is anything but lovable and can devour your personal data, online privacy, identity, finances and more! Sounds scary, doesn’t it? We tell you how you can beat the Cookie monster, in this whitepaper.

Let’s start with Cookie alerts

When you visit a site, probably for the first time or from a new device or browser, you will see an alert that mentions the site “uses Cookies to offer you a more personalized experience” and asks you if you are okay with it. Let’s admit it. A lot of us don’t even bother to read what the notification says before we click “Accept” and move on with our browsing.

So, what are these cookies anyway?

Cookies are tiny information packets that store data related to your interaction and behavior on websites. It is like walking into your favorite local diner and having them serve up the “usual” instantly…

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