Sequretek Advisory - Bluetooth Pairing Vulnerability: Critical Authentication Bypass

A critical Bluetooth flaw has been identified, allowing hackers to compromise Android, Linux, MacOS, and iOS devices, enabling unauthorized takeovers.

A critical Bluetooth flaw has been discovered that affects millions of devices, including Android, Apple, and Linux.

The vulnerability (CVE-2023-45866) bypasses authentication, allowing anyone with a Bluetooth adapter to connect to user’s device without your permission.

Attackers can mimic a Bluetooth keyboard and connect to a device without user confirmation. This allows them to inject keystrokes and perform actions on the victim's device

The attack is simple and requires no special hardware. All an attacker needs is a Linux computer with a Bluetooth adapter.

Even Apple's LockDown Mode, designed for high-security situations, is vulnerable. This flaw shows no one is safe.

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