Sequretek Advisory - Critical Vulnerabilities in WS_FTP Server

Progress Software shipped patches for critical-level security flaws in its WS_FTP file transfer software.

Progress Software, the maker of the MOVEit Transfer file-sharing platform recently exploited in widespread data theft attacks, warned customers to patch a maximum severity vulnerability in its WS_FTP Server software.

The company says thousands of IT teams worldwide use its enterprise-grade WS_FTP Server secure file transfer software.

In an advisory Progress disclosed multiple vulnerabilities impacting the software's manager interface and Ad hoc Transfer Module.

Out of all WS_FTP Server security flaws patched this week, two of them were rated as critical, with the one tracked as CVE-2023-40044 receiving a maximum 10/10 severity and the other is CVE-2023-42657 with a CVSS of 9.9.

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