Sequretek Advisory - Panchan's Mining Rig: New Golang Peer-to-Peer Botnet Says "Hi!"

Panchan, a new peer-to-peer botnet and SSH worm that emerged in March 2022 and has been actively breaching Linux servers since.

• Panchan is written in Golang, and utilizes its built-in concurrency features to maximize spredability and execute malware modules.

• In addition to the “basic” SSH dictionary attack that is commonplace in most worms, this malware also harvests SSH keys to perform lateral movement.

• The most common victim vertical of Panchan (after telecom/VPS) is education. We assume collaborations among different academic institutes might cause SSH keys to be shared across networks, which may explain why this vertical tops the list.

• To avoid detection and reduce traceability, the malware drops its cryptominers as memory-mapped files, without any disk presence. It also kills the cryptominer processes if it detects any process monitoring.

• Based on the malware’s activity and victim geolocation, admin panel language, and the threat actor’s Discord user’s activity, we believe the threat actor is Japanese.

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