Physical Infrastructure

Are you looking to improve performance or reduce cost in an existing data center, expand a room, or build a new mission critical environment? The first step in the process is the same:  gather information and make an informed assessment of issues and opportunities. 

Altitude Unlimited has deep experience in physical infrastructure and security solutions including data center upgrades, UPS/PDU replacement and maintenance services, data center relocations, video surveillance and structured cabling.



A.    Data Center Upgrades

Altitude Unlimited employs teams of data center designers and support personnel capable of upgrading your legacy racks, cabinets, UPS and PDU systems.  Contact us to learn more about our support for critical facility infrastructure to house and power your IT infrastructure. And, with expertise on network and systems engineering, we are more than just rack & stack personnel capable of facility, network and systems turn-up services. 



B.    Data Center Relocations

Altitude Unlimited provides efficient and effective data center relocation services right-sized to support your move whether to new offices or to colocation facilities around the world.

Physical Security



C.    Video Surveillance

Altitude Unlimited delivers an industry-leading Video Surveillance solution geared to provide superior “terrorist-level” functionality at an affordable price.  In partnership with IMSYS, we deliver the IMSYS Presence Awareness System (IPAS).  And, with three software levels, there is a version to meet all customer budgets.  In addition, unlike many video surveillance providers, we deliver turnkey support for the system with the ability to handle network and systems integration, cable plant, full integration and training.

Interactive 3D MapInteractive 3D Map

An interactive 3D Map superimposes camera locations on a site map and displays camera views in the same window. This handy viewing mode allows operators to monitor situations without spending time to switch between windows. Operators can instantly pinpoint where a selected camera is located on the map and identify the corresponding location of interest.




Immersion ModeImmersion Mode

Immersion mode makes monitoring more interactive. It allows users to visually correlate in-frame movement of people etc. with their movements in real space.




Facial Recognition & Face Search

To resist intruders, you must be able to find them. With integrated Facial Recognition module notifies operators when it spots a human face within the video frame. It automatically detects and captures the image of that person and compares it to known photos of persons of interest. You can use this detection tool to create a database of employees or other individuals: a camera situated in an entrance can record all who pass through the turnstile and save images of their faces to a database. The software also identifies people regardless of facial hair, hairstyle, eyewear, aging or angle, and in a variety of background conditions:

Face Search

  • A non-intrusive, contact-free process, unlike other biometrics
  • Compatible with legacy databases
  • Real-time notification about recognized persons
  • Easy integration with existing systems

  • Real-time notification of identity matches and alerts

  • Automatic synchronization with user’s database

  • Integration with access control systems

The Face Search Module

Face Search ModuleThe Face Search Module makes it possible to accumulate a database of faces which have come into the field of view of cameras and then search this database for similar faces. The web report system provides an interface for this module and makes it possible to aggregate data from all video servers on which the module is installed. In addition, the Face Search Module makes it possible to find similar faces in the archive quickly and collect statistics on their appearance in the scene for various cameras.




License Plate ReaderLicense Plate Reader

An integral part of any campus security management is integrated License Plate Reader (LPR) functionality.  This allows campus or public safety personnel to monitor and assess suspicious vehicles from their license plates, track them around campus and against national database registries.





Integration With iPhone or GalaxyiPhone and Galaxy

IPASRemote user access to the IPAS application is available for both iOS and Galaxy.  This allows public safety and other interested personnel to have the ability to remotely view all cameras within the IPAS environment.












Click here to see the IPAS Software Levels



D.    Structured Cabling

From simple dual pair cable deployments to full structured cabling with Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) capabilities, we’ll come out to your facility, conduct a site survey, discuss your structured cabling needs (current and future), develop floor plans and provide a detailed quote.

We’re pros at documentation, which simplifies compliance with local or state regulations.

Our cabling solutions include:Cabling

·        Category 5E, 6 and 6A Plenum cabling

·        Copper and fiber optic feeder cables (aerial, underground)

·        Coaxial for cable TV

·        Cable tray installations

·        WiFi access point installations

·        Point-to-point WiFi

·        High-count copper and fiber feeds

·        Single-mode and multi-mode fiber optics

·        Phone circuit extension

·        RF access points and equipment

·        Surveillance cameras

·        Paging systems

·        Cell phone repeater systems

·        Conduit installation





E.    Door Access Control

Coming soon!



F.    Real-time RFID Tracking

Coming soon!




Download The Physical Infrastructure EGuide: Eradicating Failure